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Door manufacturing need separate attention, it is very serious job than plywood and block board. There should not be any flaw or miss attention during manufacturing the door, because this is the door on which you believe most and you leave your dream home and its safety on the account of the door. We ,as a Agni Door manufacturer, guarantee you for the quality and strength of our doors on which you can trust.

Specialty of Agni Doors—

  • All Agni Doors are manufactured with unique strength booster Xpress Technology.
  • Agni doors are manufactured with selected and high quality hard wood timber.
  • Timbers used to manufacture Agni Doors are treated with anti termite borer chemical before sawing.
  • Frames and battens are seasoned in advance seasoning chamber for equalize the moisture content.
  • All the frames and battens are cut through ripsaw machine and planer for equal size and thickness.
  • The width of battens and frames are wider as per the specification of BIS.
  • Extra lock rail is provided for the convenience of handle and lock fittings.
  • Special care is taken during the assembly of battens to avoid any gap inside the door.
  • High solid content water proof PF Resin is used for high strength.
  • Agni doors are pressed with Gurjan face and wider core in India’s best hydraulic press.
  • All Agni doors are conditioned before cutting to avoid the warping and twisting.
  • Agni doors are finished with highly précised wide belt sander.
  • All doors are strictly checked by IPIRTI trained chemists as per the BIS guidelines.

PVC Membrane Doors—

Agni PVC membrane premium doors are manufactured with high density seasoned battens and frames with extra lock rail and pressed with water proof PF resin. PVC Membrane doors are laminated with imported PVC foil and pressed in vacuum pressure machine, which ensures better bonding and long life of the door. Doors are treated against termite and borer with latest chemical to ensure their protection against microorganism attack. PVC membrane doors do not require polishing and are maintenance free doors. Designs are available in multiple finishes like rosewood, natural teak, walnut, metallic wood, American cherry.

Veneer door—

AGNI veneer doors are perfect combination of beauty and strength. These doors are the best alternative to solid panel doors and manufactured by using HDF core, which resist shrinking, swelling, and warping. AGNI veneer doors are 100% waterproof and tested in highly sophisticated lab for any manufacturing defect. These doors are able to withstand any climatic condition and require very low maintenance.

Laminated doors—

AGNI Laminated doors are recommended where absolute face aesthetic uniformity is desired. These doors are laminated with high-pressure laminate sheet of 1mm and 0.8mm on a calibrated base door. The base door is manufactured by seasoned battens and frames with waterproof PF resin. Laminate doors are available in a wide range of designs, using high quality laminate sheet for zero maintenance and long life.

Flush Door Manufacturers

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